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Department of Economics

1)    Dharmadhikary-Yadwadkar, A. (2013). Inflation In India: Challenges Ahead. Proceedings of Advances in Research in Commerce and Economics: Innovations, Statistical Applications and Publications(pp.101-104). Pune; India. ISBN: 9878192578200.

Publication Before 2011

2)    Dharmadhikary-Yadwadkar, A. (2008,April, 2-4). The Co-operative as an Institution to Manage Water Distribution for Irrigation: Lessons From the Chanda Experiment in Maharashtra, India. In M.D. Kumar(Ed.), Proceedings of 7th Annual Partners Meet, IWMI TATA Water Policy Research Progra- Managing Water in the Face of Growing Scarcity, Inequity and Declining Returns: Exploring Fresh Approaches(pp.601-611). Hyderabad; India: International Water Management Institute.