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Abhay Machindra Kudale

Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences


Research Areas : Public Health, Cultural Epidemiology, Operational Research, Implementation Research, Qualitative Research

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1)    Kulkarni, P., Shinde, S., Padalkar, D., Mankar, M., Avalaskar, P., Kudale, A. (2016). Health Vulnerability & Risk among inter-state migrants in an industrial setting in Pune, Maharashtra: An Emic Perspective. In S. Gregory, D. Danda(Eds.), Sustainable Development, Praxis & Perspectives (pp.75-91). Pune: Indian National Confederation & Academy of Anthropologists. ISBN: 9789383088096.
2)    Kulkarni, P., Pardeshi, V., Kudale, A., Porter, J., Kielmann, K., Rangan, S. (2013). A Case Study of Health System, Community and Media Response to Gastroenteritis Situation in tribal dominant areas of Adilabad District in Andhra Pradesh. In H.K. Bhat, P.C. Joshi, B. Vijayendra(Eds.), Explorations in Medical Anthropology (pp.299-312). New Delhi: Concept Publishing Co. (P) Ltd.

Publications Before 2011

3)    Morankar, S.N., Mhaskar, B.G., Purohit, V., Patil, M., Kudale, A. (2007). Community Perspectives on Abortion: An Ethnographic Exploration of rural Pune. In L. Visaria, V. Ramchandran(Eds.), Abortion in India: Ground realities (pp.168-203). New Delhi: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.
4)    Kudale, A. (2005). Youth, Migration, Sexual Behaviour and HIV/AIDS Risk . In R. K. Mutatkar(Ed.), Sexuality & Sexual Behaviour: Social Science Perspective (pp.203-223). Pune: Pune University Press.