Teacher Details

Pardeshi Sudhakar Dhondu

Department of Geography


Research Areas : Geomorphology, Rainwater harvesting, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS

ResearchGate Profile

1)    Pardeshi, S.D., Pardeshi, S.S. (2015). Role of Geoinformatics in Natural Resource Management. In A.R. Siddiqui, P.K. Singh(Eds.), Resource Management and Development Strategies: A Geographical Perspective, (pp.51-56). Allahabad India: Pravalika Publication, . ISBN: 9789384292218.
2)    Pardeshi, S.D., Pardeshi, S.S. (2012). Samkaalin Rajyashastra: Rajyashastrachya UpavidyashakhaAni Abhyaspaddhati. In P.R. Pawar(Ed.), Rajkiya Bhugol (Marathi) (pp.174-183). Pune: Diamond publications. ISBN: 9788184834765.

Publications Before 2011

3)    Jog, S.R., Pardeshi, S.D., Sultan, A. (2003). Rainwater Harvesting Techniques of Sustainable Water Resources Management. In D.N. Singh, J. Singh, K.N. Prudhviraju(Eds.), Water Crisis and Sustainable Management (pp.220-227). Varanasi: Tara Book Agency.
4)    Jog, S.R., Wakhare, A., Chaudhari, S., Unde, M., Pardeshi, S.D. (2002). Maharashtra Landscape: A Perspective. In J. Diddee, S.R. Jog, V.S. Kale, V.S. Datye(Eds.), Geography of Maharashtra (pp.19-57). Jaipur: Rawat. ISBN: 8170337461/9788170337461.
5)    Pardeshi, S.D., Dikshit, J.K. (2000). Development of soil Profiles in the Vertisols around Pune. In V.C. Jha(Ed.), Geomorphology and Remote Sensing (pp.45-52). Calcutta India: ACB publications .