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Gade W N

Department of Biotechnology


Publications Before 2011

1)    Singh, A.V., Patil, R., Lenardi, C., Milani, P., Gade, W.N. (2010). Nanobiomaterial applications in tissue repair and ulcer management: a new role for nanomedicine. In S.A. Kumar, S. Thiagarajan, S.F. Wang(Eds.), Biocompatible Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications (pp.117). New York: Nova Science. ISBN: 1616686774/9781616686772.
2)    Singh, A.V., Paolo Zamboni, Gade, W.N. (2008). Nanodiagnostics and nanomedicine: Novel application in abnormal folate pathway malignancies. In D. Gemmati(Ed.), Folate-Pathway Gene Variants in Cancer: Haematological Malignancies (pp.241). Trivandrum: Transworld Research Network. ISBN: 9788178953397.