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Dhorde Amit Gulabrao

Department of Geography


Research Areas : Climatology, Climate Variability, Urban Climatology, Drought, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Enivronmental Monitoring

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1)    Desai, M., Dhorde, A.G. (2017,March, 17-19). Changing Thermal Comfort over Southern India Under Warming Environment: An Analysis of Heat Index. In G. Serban, A. Croitoru, T. Tudose, R. Batinas, C. Horvath, I. Holobaca(Eds.), Proceedings of Air and Water Components of the Environment(pp.195-202). Cluj-Napoca; Romania: Air and Water Association. ISBN: 2067-743X.
2)    Kulkarni, S., Gedam, S., Dhorde, A.G. (2017,October, 23-27). Assessment of impacts of Agro-Climatological droughts over Marathwada, India, using remote sensing technologies. In Asian Association of Remote Sensing(Ed.), Proceedings of 38th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing(pp.1-10). New Delhi; India.
3)    Dhorde, A., Dhorde, A. (2012). Population density as an indicator of land cover modifications: A case study of impervious surface growth over the Mula-Mutha basin from India. Proceedings of Perspectives of Computer Confluence with Sciences 2012(pp.284-288). Pune; India: Nowrosjee Wadia College.