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Department of Management Sciences

1)    Sharma, S., Jawajala, R.P., Jawajala, A.R., Pawar, P., Sharma, M. (2023). Analytical Study of Factors Influencing Consumer Choice Heterogeneity for the Acceptance of Functional Foods (Foods with Health Claims) in India. In R. Behl(Eds.), Paradigm Shift in Business: Critical Appraisal of Agile Management Practices (pp.275-297). Palgrave Macmillan Cham. ISBN: 9783031404412 / 9783031404399.
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Publications Before 2011

9)    Brown, T.L., Patil, S., Howe, P.H. (2000). Analysis of TGF-beta-inducible apoptosis . In J.M. Walker(Ed.), Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Protocols(Volume 142 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology) (pp.149-167). United States: Springer. ISBN: 9781592590537/Series ISSN: 1064-3745.