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Department of English

1)    Chatterjee, C. (2016,December, 16-17). Remembering Shakespeare or 'Shakespeare's Memory': Translating Shakespeare Across Time. Proceedings of Global Shakespeare(pp.17-22). Pune; India: St. Mira's College of Girls. ISBN: 9788192601151.
2)    Chatterjee, C. (2015,February, 26-28). The Reader in Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller. In A. Gagare(Eds.), Proceedings of Changing Media, Changing Audience: Revitalizing Theories of production, Promotion and Active Audience(pp.1-11). Pune; India: Lenin Media.
3)    Chatterjee, C. (2013,March, 7-9). A Metamorphosed Reading Culture: Books, Reading and Readers. In A. Gagare(Eds.), Proceedings of Metamorphosis of New Media and Digital Culture. Pune; India: Lenin Media. ISBN: 9789385160516.