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Department of Environmental Sciences

1)    Samanta, A., Tripathy, G.R., Panchang, R., Nath, B.N., Bhushan, R., Bharti, N. (2022,May, 23-27 ). Linkage between chemical erosion and human-induced vegetation pattern during the late Holocene period. Proceedings of EGU General Assembly(pp.EGU22-515). Vienna, Austria: Copernicus GmBH.
2)    Mawal, S., Kamble, P. (2020,June, 14). Isolation, Screening and Biochemical Characterization of Effective Microorganism for Bioremediation from Surface Water in a Mula-Mutha River, Pune – India. In S. Acharya(Ed.), Proceedings of Novel approaches in agroecology , forestry, Horticulture, aquaculture,Animal Biology and Food Sciences for Sustainable community Developement (pp.41-45). JNU; Delhi: Krishi Sanskriti Publications E-47, Rajpur Khurd Extn., Post Office – I.G.N.O.U. (Maidangarhi) New Delhi-110068, INDIA . ISBN: 2394-0794.