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Department of Sociology

1)    Mirchandani, K., Mukherjee, S., Tambe, S. (2012,May, 28-30). Learning Old Jobs in New Sectors: The Professionalization of Housekeeping Services. In S. M. Brigham(Ed.), Proceedings of 31st National Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education(pp.263-269). Ontario, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo in Waterloo. ISBN: 9781895306712.
2)    Chatterjee, S., Berlingieri, A., Dossa, S., Mirchandani, K., Tambe, S. (2011). Marginalization through Mobilizing the Discourse of Skill. Proceedings of The Adult Education Research Conference(pp.794-796). Toronto, Canada : New Prairie Press.

Publication Before 2011

3)    Chari-Wagh, A. (2005). Women, politics and guaranteed employment. In S.V. Rangacharyulu(Ed.), Proceedings of Guaranteed Employment for the Rural Poor. Hyderabad; India: National Institute of Rural Development.