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Department of Statistics

1)    Chipade, R.A., Ramanathan, T.V. (2019,March, 9-15). Statistical orbit determination for geostationary and geosynchronous satellite orbits in Beidou constellation: A simulation study. Proceedings of 2019 URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC)(pp.8738671). New Delhi; India: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. ISBN: 9789082598759.
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Publication Before 2011

14)    Kolekar, P.S., Kale, M.M., Kulkarni-Kale, U. (2010,December, 14). Subtyping of dengue viruses using return time distribution based approach. Proceedings of Accelerating Biology(pp.307-312). Pune; India: C-DAC.
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