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Department of Health Sciences

1)    Jungari, S.B., Paswan, B. (2016,February, 28 ). New born care practices among the indigenous population of Maharashtra, India: A mix method approach. In B. Donta(Ed.), Proceedings of Male Involvement in Improving Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health(pp.67-84). Mumbai; India: National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health Indian Council of Medical Research. ISBN: 9788191054064.
2)    Patwardhan, B., Mutalik, G., Tillu, G. (2014,November, 27-29). Moving from Illness to Wellness: Towards Integrative Health Policy. In M.U.Khan(Ed.), Proceedings of Conclave of Scientists on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy(pp.183-200). New Delhi; India: Zaheer Science Foundation.

Publication Before 2011

3)    Kar, A., Rao, N.N., Toriani, A. (1990,August). Nucleotides inducing alkaline phosphatase in Pi-repressed E.coli cells. Proceedings of Cold Spring Harbour Symposium on Molecular genetics of bacteria and phages(pp.94-96).