Teacher Details

Vaishali Jambukumar Shah

Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing


Research Areas : Computational Materials Science


Publications Before 2011

1)    Kanhere, D.G., Shah, V. (2003). Ab initio orbital free molecular dynamics: technique and applications. In D.D. Sarma(Eds.), Electronic Structure of Alloys, Surfaces and Clusters (pp.308-347). London, United Kingdom: Taylor and Francis. ISBN: 9780749435233.
2)    Kanhere, D.G., Shah, V.J., Vichare, A.M. (1997). Applications of ab initio molecular dynamics to Al-Li binary clusters. In K. P. Jain(Ed.), Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures (pp.114-124). Mumbai, India: Narosa Publishing House. ISBN: 9788173191572.
3)    Shah, V., Nehete, D., Kanhere, D.G. (1996). Ab initio molecular dynamics with density based functionals. In P. Jena(Eds.), Clusters and Nanostructured Materials (pp.173-180). New York, United States: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.. ISBN: 9781560723783.