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Kumbhar Rajendra Madhavrao

Department of Library & Information Science


Research Areas : Research methods, Reading

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1)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2015). Value and utility of information sources in research venture . In D.K. Veer(Ed.), Advanced applications of ICT in academic libraries (pp.453-458). New Delhi, India: Agri-Blovet Press. ISBN: 9789384502065.
2)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2014). Redefining library management in the digital era. In P.G. Tadasad(Ed.), Digital shift and libraries (pp.35-53). Bijapur, India: Prasaranga. ISBN: 9789383090174.
3)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2014). Professional development plan for successful librarianship . In U.V. Navlekar(Ed.), Innovative plan for professional development of college librarians in modern age. ISBN: 9789382664154.
4)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2012). Reengineering of library services in the digital era. In J.N. Kulkarni(Eds.) , Modern techniques of library management (pp.191-196). Latur, India: Aruna . ISBN: 9789381190821.

Publications Before 2011

5)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2004). LIS education through distance mode-a structural analysis. In S.K. Patil(Eds.), University and College Librarianship in India in 21st century (pp.115-119). Pune, India: Department of Library and Information Science, University of Pune.
6)    Kumbhar, R.M. (2003). Depth classification's application in thesaurus construction: a case study. In S. Gopalkrishan(Eds.), Information management: trends and issues (pp.227-235). New Delhi, India: Researchco Book Center. ISBN: 9788190178501.