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Swapnil Sunil Vyas

Department of Geography


Research Areas : Remote Sensing, Climate Change, Agriculture Monitoring, Drought, WebGIS

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1)    Chowdhary, A., Vyas, S. (2022). Seasonal Change Detection of Wetlands Using Remote Sensing and GIS. In G.S. Bhunia(Ed.), Anthropogeomorphology (pp.605-616). Switzerland: Springer. ISBN: 9783030775711.
2)    Kandekar, A., Vyas, S., Bhade, V., Kumar B. (2022). Evaluating Glacier Change Dynamics Using GIScience. In G. Meraj(Eds.), GIScience for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources (pp.291-314). United States: Apple Academic Press. ISBN: 9781774910481.
3)    Phadtare, A., Vyas, S., D’Souza, M., Zade, D., Shinde, Y. (2019). From Vulnerability Assessments to Low/No Regret Resilience Planning in Rural Contexts. In W.L. Filho(Ed.), Handbook of Climate Change Resilience (pp.1-29). Switzerland: Springer. ISBN: 9783319710259.