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Urmila Kulkarni Kale

Bioinformatics Centre


Research Areas : Bioinformatics, Comparative genomics, phyloinformatics, immunoinformatics, structural bioinformatics, database development, algorithm design

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Publications Before 2011

1)    Kolekar, P.S., Kale, M.M., Kulkarni-Kale, U. (2010,October, 28-30). Inter‐Arrival Time’ Inspired Algorithm and its Application in Clustering and Molecular Phylogeny. In S. Paruya(Eds.), Proceedings of International Conference on Modeling, Optimization, and Computing(pp.307-312). West Bengal; India: American Institute of Physics Inc. ISBN: 9780735408548/0094-243X.
2)    Kolekar, P.S., Kale, M.M., Kulkarni-Kale, U. (2010,December, 14). Subtyping of dengue viruses using return time distribution based approach. Proceedings of Accelerating Biology(pp.307-312). Pune; India: C-DAC.
3)    Kolaskar, A.S., Kulkarni-Kale, U. (2001,March, 15-17). Prediction of protein structure and function- A case study of envelope glyco-protein of JE virus. In C.H. Wu(Eds.), Proceedings of Atlantic Symposium on Computational Biology and Genome Information Systems and Technology(pp.37). Durham; United States: Duke University. ISBN: 0970789009.