Teacher Details

Kale Vishwas Shripad

Department of Geography


1)    Goswami, K., Jaiswal, M.K., Kale, V. (2020,May, 4-8). Paleohydrology of high magnitude floods from upper Kaveri basin, Southern India: Implication to late Holocene climate variations. Proceedings of EGU General Assembly Conference. Germany: The EGU General Assembly.
2)    Kale, V. (2015,April, 12-17). A 10-digit geo-coding system for classification of geomorphosites in India. Proceedings of EGU General Assembly Conference. Vienna, Austria: The EGU General Assembly.

Publications Before 2011

3)    Joshi, V.S., Kale, V.S. (1995). The contribution of sidewall erosion in gully development. In S.R. Jog(Ed.), Proceedings of Indian Geomorphology: Erosional landforms and Processe(pp.43-55). Jaipur; India: Rawat Publications.