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Department of Anthropology

1)    Navathe, A., Prabhune, P., Kulkarni, S. (2015). Local History of Gond: Historical Anthropological Perspectives. Proceedings of Histography& Methodology of Local History(pp.28-37). Shirur: C.T. Bora College .
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8)    Gaikwad, J. (2012,March 10-12). Socio-Cultural Changes in the Realm of High-Tech Communication Environment.. Proceedings of Technology, Communication & Culture(pp.17-21). University of Pune: Department of Communication Studies, University of Pune.

Publication Before 2011

9)    Gaikwad, J., and Hadi, M. (2010,June 18-21). Impact of Modernisation/ Westernisation on Traditional Dress Pattern. In The International Academic Forum and The IAFOR International Advisory Board(Ed.), Proceedings of The Asian Conference on Social Sciences(pp.419-438). Osaka: The International Academic Forum. ISBN: 2186-2303.