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Katre Shashikant Anant

Department Of Mathematics



Publications Before 2011

1)    Katre, S.A. (2007). Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics, Ramanujan Math. In R.V. Gurjar, R. Rao, J.K. Verma(Eds.), Society Lecture Notes Series in Mathematics- Vol. 4.
2)    Katre, S.A. (1997). Complete sets of mutually orthogonal latin squares and Design Theory, an Introduction. In N.M. Singhi, N.S. Gopala Krishnan, D.M. Kulkarni, S.A. Katre(Eds.), Topics in Discrete Mathematics : Codes, Tableaux, Designs and Graphs. New Delhi: New Age International. ISBN: 8122411150/9788122411157.