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Athawale A A

Department of Chemistry


Research Areas : Chemistry

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1)    Athawale, A.A., Joshi, A.M. (2016). Electronic Applications of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber and Its Composites. In D. Ponnamma, K.K. Sadasivuni, C. Wan, S. Thomas, Mariam Al-Ali AlMa'adeed(Eds.), Flexible and Stretchable Electronic Composites (pp.305-333). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 3319236628/9783319236629.

Publications Before 2011

2)    Athawale, A.A, Bapat, M.S., Sahu, P.K. (2006). Lanthanum-Based Perovskites as Exhaust Gas Sensors. In C.A. Grimes, E.C. Dickey, M.V. Pishka(Eds.), Encyclopedia of Sensors (pp.215-243). US: American Scientific Publishers. ISBN: 1588830616.