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Vidyasagar Pandit Bhalchandra

Department of Physics

1)    Rupiasih, N.N., Vidyasagar, P.B. (2014,October 16-17). Effect of UV-C radiation and hypergravity on germination, growth and content of chlorophyll of wheat seedlings. In N.N. Rupiasih, W.G. Suharta, H. Suyanto(Eds.), Proceedings of 4th International conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics(pp.30035). Bali, Indonesia: American Institute of Physics Inc. ISBN: 9780735413665/0094-243X.
2)    Nyoman Rupiasih, N., Aher, A., Gosavi, S., Vidyasagar, P.B. (2013,January 24-25). Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using latex extract of Thevetia peruviana: A novel approach towards poisonous plant utilization. Proceedings of Science and Engineering in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, ScieTech 2013. Jakarta; Indonesia: Institute of Physics Publishing. ISBN: 1742-6588.

Publications Before 2011

3)    Bhaskaran, S., Jagtap, S., Nirhali, A., Hase, V., Vidyasagar, P.B. (2007,September 24-28). Microgravity effects on chlorophyll content. Proceedings of 58th International Astronautical Congress 2007(pp.1685-1689). Hyderabad. ISBN: 9781605601502.
4)    Padhi, B.K., Toppo, B., Vidyasagar, P., Mahapatra, S.P. (2002,March, 2-6). Water conservation in alumina refinery plant. In Crepeau P.N9(Eds), Proceedings of Light Metals 2003: Proceedings of the technical sessions presented by the TMS Aluminium Committee at the 132nd TMS Annual Meetings(pp.53-57). San Diego. ISBN: 087339531X / 978-087339531-1.