Teacher Details

Satyajit Kundlik Gaikwad

Department of Geology


Research Areas : Environmental Geology

1)    Gaikwad. S.K, Kouhsari, M., Pawar, N.J. (2012,December, 20-21). Geochemistry of groundwaters from the upper Vel River basin, part of Pune district, Maharashtra. In C. Mayilswami, M. Thangarajan, P.S. Kulkarni., V.P. Singh(Eds.), Proceedings of Fifth International Groundwater Conference (IGWC-2012) on the assessment and management of groundwater resources in hard rock systems with special reference to basaltic terrain.(pp.1062-1091). Aurangabad; India: Department of Geology, Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
2)    Gaikwad, S.K., Pawar, N.J. (2012,December, 21-22 ). Saturation indices (SI) of the fluorite and calcite of water samples of Karli River basin, Southern part Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. In N.J.Pawar., P.D.Raut.(Eds.), Proceedings of Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management(pp.185-187). Kolhapur: Shivaji University. ISBN: 978819269409.