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Umrikar Bhavana Narendra

Department of Geology


Research Areas : Groundwater Hydrology, Watershed Management, RS-GIS

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1)    S. K. Pawar., B. Umrikar., A. P. Jarag., S. Dhage (2019). Application of digital elevation models for morphometric analysis: a case study of ramnadi watershed, Pune. In S. D. Shinde(Ed.), Environmental Issues & Remedies (pp.181-197). Kolhapur: Prarup Publication. ISBN: 9788192721149.
2)    Shaikh, M., Herlekar M., Umrikar, B. (2018). Evaluation of Multiple Hydrometerological Factors for Prioritization of Water Stress Areas in the Upper Yerala River Basin, Satara, Maharashtra, India. In P. Pawar., B. Ronge., R. Balasubramaniam., S. Seshabhattar(Eds), Techno-Societal 2016 (pp.37-51). Gewerbestrasse, Switzerland: Springer. ISBN: 9783319535555.

Publications Before 2011

3)    Thigale, S.S., Duraiswami, R.A., Umrikar, B.N. (2006). Some Hydrogeological aspects of the Shallow Beach rock (Calc-Arenite) Aquifers along Maharashtra Coast, India. In Y. Jun Xu., V.P. Singh(Eds.), Coastal Environment and Water Quality (pp.127-140). Chelsea, Michigan, United States of America: Water Resources Publ., LLC. ISBN: 1887201475.