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Umrikar Bhavana Narendra

Department of Geology


Research Areas : Groundwater Hydrology, Watershed Management, RS-GIS

Google Scholar Profile | ResearchGate Profile

1)    Kadam, A., Sankhua, R.N., Jain, R.K., Umrikar, B., Srivastava, R. (2017,February, 18-19). Site suitability analysis for small multi-purpose dams using Rockware. Proceedings of Compendium of Technical Papers(pp.360-365). Roorkee; India: Ministry of Water Resources.
2)    Umrikar, B.N., Dorge, S., Kate, P. (2014,October, 29 -November, 1). Land use / Land cover change detection using RS-GIS: A Case Study of Pirangut Watershed, Taluka Mulshi, Pune. In K.R. Reddy, B.N. Rao, C. Sarala(Eds.), Proceedings of Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Hydrology and watershed management(pp.23-27). Telangana; India. ISBN: 9788184249521.
3)    Patil, M.B., Desai, C.G., Umrikar, B.N. (2012,December, 10-12). Input database preparation for urban growth prediction model through RS-GIS techniques. In Farhat Surve(Ed.), Proceedings of Perspectives of Computer Confluence with Science, Track IV – Earth Sciences(pp.247-251). ISBN: 9382062769/9789382062769.
4)    Patil, M.B., Desai, C.G., Umrikar, B.N. (2012,February, 23-24). Comparative study of nearest neighbour and bilinear interpolation raster transformation techniques for predicting urbanization. Proceedings of 6th national conference on Computing for Nation Development (INDIACom-2012)(pp.509-512). Delhi; India: Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM). ISBN: 9789380544038/0973-7529.

Publications Before 2011

5)    Thigale, S.S., Duraiswami, R.A., Umrikar, B.N. (2006,May). Some Hydrogeological aspects of the Shallow Beach rock (Calc-Arenite) Aquifers along Maharashtra Coast. In Y. Jun Xu, V.P. Singh(Eds.), Proceedings of Aih 25th Anniversary Meeting & International Conference on Coastal Environment and Water Quality. UAE: Water Resources Publication. ISBN: 1887201475/9781887201476.