Conference Proceedings

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3)    Patil, P., Kulkarni, P., Ahire, K. (2023,February, 2-4). Biological Synthesis of Selenium Nanoparticles and its characterization. Proceedings of International Conference on Microbial Strategies for Sustainable Development(pp.207). Rohtak, India: Maharshi Dayanand University.
4)    Ovhal. R. P. (2023,March, 6-7). Conservation of Buddhist Cultural Heritage in India : A Need. Proceedings of Cultural Resource Studies Asian Linkage Building Seminar. China: Kanazawa University.
5)    Kulkarni, P., Ahire, K. (2023,March, 28-29). Effect of selenium nanoparticles on the growth and biofilm formation of Staphylococcus aureus. Proceedings of International Conference on Innovations in Biotechnology Research for Sustainable Development: Challenges and Practices(pp.151). Kopargaon, India: Sanjivani Arts, Commerce and Science College. ISBN: 9789394766334.
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