Conference Proceedings

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3)    Keskar, V.V., Yadav, J., Kumar, A. (2022,June, 27). Enhancing Data Quality by Detecting and Repairing Inconsistencies in Big Data. In S. Yadav(Eds.), Proceedings of Proceedings of Second International Conference in Mechanical and Energy Technology(pp.185-197). Greater Noida, India: Springer. ISBN: 9789811901072/9789811901089.
4)    Aleksandrova, M.P., Kolev, G.D., Pathan, H., Jadkar, S.R., Dobrikov, G.H. (2022,September, 13-15). Fabrication and Study of Infrared Detectors with Lead-Free Perovskite Films at Different Electrode Designs. Proceedings of 2022 XXXI International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET)(pp.1-16). Sozopol, Bulgaria : IEEE.
5)    Harshe, S., Jonnalagadda, M., Duraiswami, R., Benoit, M., Grégoire, M., Karmalkar, N. (2022,March, 25). Formation of corona structures from the troctolitic gabbros of Chainigund, Kargil, Ladakh, NW Himalayas, India: Petrological implications. Proceedings of EGU General Assembly 2022(pp.EGU22-3865). Vienna, Austria: Copernicus Meetings.
6)    Bhosale, M.R., Latpate, R., Gitte, S. (2022,April, 14). Fuzzy Supply Chain Newsboy Problem Under Lognormal Distributed Demand for Bakery Products. In D. D. Hanagal(Eds.), Proceedings of Annual Conference of the Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications(pp.65-79). Singapore: Springer. ISBN: 9789811679315/ 9789811679322.
7)    Walujkar, M.S., More, P., Gadale, S.R., Waghmode, S.A. (2022,December, 15-17). Green synthesis and Characterization of Ag-PANI (Polyaniline) Nanocomposite and its Application as a Carboxylate Vapour Sensor. Proceedings of IEEE Pune Section International Conference(pp.1-5). Pune, India: IEEE. ISBN: 9781665498975 / 2831-5022.
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9)    Khatavkar, S., Haram, S.K. (2022,July,13). Investigation of bi/reduced graphene oxide electro-catalyst for CO2 reduction reaction. In Wee-Jun Ong(Eds.), Proceedings of Materials Today: Proceedings. Elsevier. ISBN: 1369-7021.
10)    Samanta, A., Tripathy, G.R., Panchang, R., Nath, B.N., Bhushan, R., Bharti, N. (2022,May, 23-27 ). Linkage between chemical erosion and human-induced vegetation pattern during the late Holocene period. Proceedings of EGU General Assembly(pp.EGU22-515). Vienna, Austria: Copernicus GmBH.